Preeti's Resume

Preeti Sharan, MS, is a registered Clinical Dietitian who brings a cutting edge biochemical treatment perspective to Ashlar and PTS. Working cooperatively with you and your doctor, using prescribed blood work, she will identify the biochemical imbalances that contribute to your PTS symptoms.Prescribing supplements and diet, she will help to move you along the continuum from heavily symptomatic toward a state of balance and well-being.

In this context, she looks at addictive behaviors as attempts to self medicate traumatic stress t symptoms. This protocol for treating addiction has been highly successful (see:Resources). Preeti is available by phone consultations. She has a sliding hourly fee which is in keeping with Ashlar’s commitment to provide services as inexpensively as we can so that those who could not afford our services in another context, can here and now.

Personal Statement: I began my work in India as a nutrition consultant and manager. Through my work I have grown to understand the Mind–Body connection which brings another dimension to disease prevention, intervention and treatment. Currently, I consult with people about using diet and supplements to bring into balance biological imbalances, focusing on various clinical conditions including traumatic stress. Traditionally, preventative and integrative medical care in a clinical setting (when you are able to find it) is quite expensive which excludes most of us. I believe it is time to make this kind of cutting edge treatment available to those who have not had access to it. Healthcare in the mainstream United States today still focuses on treating existing disease rather than adopting a preventive and integrative approach. I believe that if we could make preventive medicine more affordable and accessible to people we could change many more lives rather than just depending on pharmaceuticals to treat existing conditions after the fact. I received a B.S. in microbiology followed by a Postgraduate Diploma (PgD) in Dietetics, and then onto an M.S. in Clinical Nutrition. This led me where I wanted to be: preventative and integrative disease management and patient care. As an Indian teenager I fell in love with food and the various culinary aspects of it; and food continues to be my passion, the same passion that led me to a career in medical Nutrition. All I can say is given a choice I would spend most of my weekend trying new dishes and feeding my husband and I can‘t wait for infant my son to grow up so I can cook more complex and spicy foods for him. And mind you I am a great cook. My mother laid a good foundation for this, as well as introducing me to preventive, integrative and functional medicine; I was treated with home remedies from time to time -- my mother largely. She used amla and ginger for nausea, turmeric and warm milk for sore throat and mint for indigestion to name a few. She is still a firm believer in all natural treatments. My life was set in motion by this.

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