Meaning, truth, human connection and healing have interested me since I was young. As an adult, I continue to explore these things in the humanitarian sector where I presently work on an emergency food distribution program in Ethiopia. Previously, I’ve worked in the Gaza Strip, at the Egyptian border with Libya, in southern Turkey near the Syrian border, and in Afghanistan. During my graduate studies at American University in Washington, DC, I studied international peace and conflict resolution and philosophy. The case studies I read, the research papers

I wrote, all took place in the ordered world of academia. It was not until I conducted field research and lived in conflict zones that I began to fully grasp their intractability and complexity in emotional terms.  I’m thrilled to be a part of this organization.  I have seen how Narrative Arts can make a tangible and positive difference in people’s lives. I firmly believe that healing and recovery can never be imposed or fixed externally. It is a deeply personal process and journey, which the Ashler Center for the Narrative Arts takes on with fierce dedication and passion.

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