Nor Hall is a writer, archetypal thinker, psychotherapist and theatre-collaborator. She has worked with Pantheatre (Paris), Shawn McConneloug's Orchestra (Minneapolis) and Archipelago (Chapel Hill) where she contributed to the development of seven award-winning pieces for the stage between 1997 and 2010, notably Those Women, Eulogy for a Warrior and Out of the Blue. 

Author of the Moon and the Virgin: Images of the archetypal feminine, Those Women, Broodmales, Irons in the Fire, and Dreaming in Red.  Her latest little book, TRACES, is a poem/fiction/performance piece about a woman called Mona who went to Europe to collect costumes (1940's) and inadvertently got involved in the Resistance helping get children out. Hall was awarded a Jerome Travel Study grant in 2005.



“My interest in trauma has several chapters: one, a theater piece I co-authored with Ellen Hemphill called Eulogy for a Warrior (PTSD for a whole culture) for Archipelago, and two, I work with the Center for Victims of Torture in Minnesota.  Currently, I am researching the strange and awful phenomenon of ritual cult abuse in the USA 1980's—that has taught me to look at neuroscience and the soul."

Ages ago, Nor received her Ph.D. at the University of California, Santa Cruz in the History of Consciousness program and currently is happily distracted by thirteen grandchildren.  She shares with Ashlar Center staff her love of the Image and its ability to stir movement in the psyche often more effectively than any linear expression in words -- though poetry as the language of the body speaks differently -- as philosopher Suzanne Langor says: poetry is closer to dance than prose

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