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Nor Hall


Nor Hall is a writer, archetypal thinker, psychotherapist and theatre-collaborator. She has worked with Pantheatre (Paris), Shawn McConneloug's Orchestra (Minneapolis) and Archipelago (Chapel Hill) where she contributed to the development of seven award-winning pieces for the stage between 1997 and 2010, notably Those Women, Eulogy for a Warrior and Out of the Blue. 

Author of the Moon and the Virgin: Images of the archetypal feminine, Those Women, Broodmales, Irons in the Fire, and Dreaming in Red.  Her latest little book, TRACES, is a poem/fiction/performance piece about a woman called Mona who went to Europe to collect costumes (1940's) and inadvertently got involved in the Resistance helping get children out. Hall was awarded a Jerome Travel Study grant in 2005.


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Susan G. Ramsey


Susan G. Ramsey is Tlingit Indian/Alaskan Native. She is of the Naanyaa.aayi  clan and lives in Wrangell, Alaska. As the  great-grandaughter of Chief John Kadashan, and his wife who was Chief Shakes sister,  Susan carries this matrilineal royal bloodline. This clan carries a song reaching back to the the ice age said to have been sung by the shaman  as he came south looking for a place for his people to live.  The place he found was Wrangell at the mouth of the Stikine River.  

From there the Tlingits spread throughout south-east Alaska and western Canada. From the Naanyaa.aayi clan emerged Chief Shakes, a leader who protected all seven of the local clans in Wrangell of which Susan belongs to the Killer Whale tribe.

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Taiwo Lateef Sheikh


Taiwo Lateef Sheikh is a Specialist in Neuropsychiatry, a University professor and Administrator.

Presently a working at Federal Neuro-Psychiatric Hospital, Kaduna as Consulant Psychiatrist and Medical Director/CEO, managing patients with mental disorders, offering extension services to internally displaced victims of psychological trauma, offering psychosocial and support services, training health care personnel (Residency training of Doctors, Post Basic Psychiatric training of Nurses, Teaching Medical Students and Primary Health Care Workers)  in mental health related fields. Resource person, Trainer and Examiner at the West African Post Graduate Medical College. 


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Francois de la Roche


Francois de la Roche served 33 years with the American Red Cross, CARE, World Vision, IRD and Chemonics International in US based and international relief and development operations.  He has served in various leadership posts in Latin America, Africa, Europe and Central Asia, responding to complex emergencies which include the Sahel Famine Relief Operation, the Armenia Earthquake Response, the Sudan Emergency Operations, the Liberian, Sierra Leonean and Angolan civil war refugee operations, and the Hurricane Mitch Emergency Response.  

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Gabor Mate, M.D.


As a holocaust baby, and one who works with homeless drug addicts, Mate understands traumatic events and conditions that weigh heavily on the soul and physiology of many of us.  Gabor Mate is, by our standards a soulful deep thinking man and a quiet and influential activist. He is a physician, and bestselling author whose books have been published in twenty languages worldwide.  He is a powerful writer and speaker and known for insight, wisdom and warmth and is incredibly honest with himself and others about suffering including his own. “Those” who suffer and “we” who help them disappear in his inclusive humanity to reappear in “us.”  

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Patti Gora-McRavin


Patti Gora-McRavin - Responding to trauma has been at the heart of Patti’s life work.  First, as the director of a local battered women's shelter and rape crisis center, and later, when she experienced the dangerous reality of smoke from agricultural burning threatening the life of her son who had serious asthma. Patti got to work.

Agricultural burning in the region had killed dozens of people outright.  Working in a foundation set up specifically to deal with air quality ( to stop uncontrolled crop residue burning in her area), Patti worked long and tirelessly with other concerned people  to win new state rules and regulations concerning agricultural burning. She testified in Washington, DC and rode tractors in the fields with farmers -- she is comfortable just about everywhere and loves people, even those with whom she has a disagreement.

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