Medical Toxic Stress in Patients

Each year 300,000 stroke survivors develop symptoms of severe stress, levels that are toxic.   This is just one sample of one illness. These studies are just beginning and will grow to include many chronic or life threatening illnesses and accidents now that the problem is being recognized. 

Elizabeth: After finishing a grueling year and a half bout of treatment for colon cancer, Elizabeth (not her name) began having some very bizarre symptoms (to her). She was emotionally erratic, explosive, anxious, and afraid to leave home.  She was easily startled, had nightmares and was paranoid – afraid everything would hurt her. She didn't sleep well and she, who was/is a very social being, was not interested in seeing her many friends. Yes, she was depressed but it was more than that. Her husband, a Vietnam vet recognized that she was showing symptoms of extreme stress but this was a medical event and she was completely unprepared that something like this could happen to her.  For more Click Here.

Spirit Houses - Steve Kinne

Thai Spirit Houses

There are at least two places in that I have visited where particular types of spirit houses exist:

Thai people believe that there are guardian spirits for different buildings or areas of land. These spirits are wandering spirits that can cause harm or suffering unless gifts are offered to them frequently. It is believed that they influence the future, grant wishes and keep people healthy. The spirit expects to be “informed” if a building is to be built or extended, a business started, etc. If the humans do not seek permission, it is believed that the spirit may cause the venture to fail. There are nine such guardian spirits, each offering a different type of protection.


The Disposable Military: "The Tumor of The Unknown Soldier" - HuffPost


Recently, the Chaplains at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in DC who houses 800 ill and recovering soldiers at a time, has begun weekly tributes at their mass formations for soldiers who have died at WRAMC. Honoring the fallen soldiers---they read their BIO and cause of death. In the last three weeks they have saluted three soldiers who have died at WRAMC from Cancer. No one questions this. Not Congress, not our elected officials, not the brigade of medical staff who care for these soldiers returning from the war torn country of Iraq.

Some soldiers feel the DoD would rather these soldiers die silently of Cancer---then pay costly medical treatment for soldiers deemed non-deployable. To acknowledge this as a war wound---the military must also assume financial responsibility for these ill soldiers. And why shouldn't they. They were good enough to send to battle when they were healthy. But now that a percentage are returning with Stage II, III and IV Cancers---and some dying. It's more cost effective for the military to turn a blind eye long enough for them to die. Their Cancers unrecognized as a casualty of war. They own you once you become part of the military.  And it's their prerogative to treat these courageous men and women as guinea pigs---exposing them to depleted Uranium and contaminants at wartime. Maybe so, but not to inform the soldiers of the toxic environment in which they live, bleed and fight. Is callous, inhumane, and against the credo of a warrior. And then to abandon them in their darkest hour because their wound is Cancer and not shrapnel---is soulless. This is the new plight for the 21st century's unknown soldier.... In January 2005, 33 year-old Army Specialist Gregory Anton left for Iraq in perfect health. His horrors wouldn't begin until his tour ended.  SPC Anton's journey began at Camp Shelby, Mississippi with 20 other soldiers in his Unit. When the 14 year National Guard active duty E-4 soldier walked onto the bus in the still hours of that January morn. His Army Combat Uniform would take him to the desert of Kuwait.