Najla Shawa


Najla Shawa is a blogger and an Aid worker from Gaza. She holds a master’s degree in public policy from the United States. Najla has also informal yoga training of several years and often shares her practice with friends and acquaintances focusing on reducing stress in women in Gaza. Najla has also been immersed in a country at war since birth and has also a witnessed several attacks in the West Bank and in the Gaza Strip where she lives. She is a new mother of a one year old girl, born two months after the war in Gaza in the summer of 2014.

She has written for us, how she used the calming breath to keep the stress hormones in her body low in order to keep her unborn girl protected from the harm of these stressors.

Personal statement: Helplessness, injustice and the challenge to find purpose in life are what drives me. Things change and when they do in our country, it is usually for the worse and we then are stuck in the big questions that all human beings must address. I found that going to the inner self was/is the most nurturing place to go. The journey is profitable on many levels. I learn, for example that the Good comes in pieces, we need to see them and collect them.

Published one article on the dying children because of the delay in Gaza reconstruction in the Chicago Tribune in January 2015, and another on being pregnant during war in Al Araby Al Jadeed an English news website based in the UK.