John Thompson


John Thompson has been awarded fellowships by the Soros and the Echoing Green foundations for his work with Resurrection after Exoneration (RAE), The Innocence Project and in his tireless attempt to do away with capital punishment. He is now speaking out to make the district attorney's accountable for wrongly incarcerating people.  John spent eighteen years on Louisiana’s Death Row for a crime he didn’t commit. When he left prison he was given ten dollars, bus fare and very quickly, a diagnosis of PTSD.


His intimate familiarity with what people experience behind prison walls as well as the great obstacles they must overcome after release led him to create RAE, a service/training  organization for the newly released/ wrongfully incarcerated  -- the only one in the country – a model he is constantly called upon to recreate for others.  Killing Time by John Holloway is Thompson's story --  as a 22-year old man in New Orleans, he was arrested, tried, convicted, and sentenced to death for the brutal murder of a white wealthy, hotel executive.  John spent 18 years in prison for this crime of which he was innocent. He was exonerated.

John worked with Ashlar to create a trauma resolution program for his agency.